Sunday, July 27, 2014


What happened to us after all that time?
I remember once before,
How great together we were.
But now it's lost but I don't know why?
It's like you've gone your way and I am lost in your dust
I'd rather you told me, I'd rather we had a fight.
I know now why they say
that you have the biggest fight with the ones you love.
I have and will always pour my heart out to you
I hate that you cold shoulder people,
I hate that you never confront your problems
and I hate that I would come running back to you the second you let me back in

I know what I should do, and it's the obvious choice.
I should let you go, I should move on, I should find another.
But I can't.
I know me
I know soon as that shoulder warms up,
I'll be by your side again.