Thursday, February 28, 2013

excruciating pains

No pain no game?
I know you mean well
but excruciating pain?
Our bodies are to tell
when we can take no more.
what the hell!
No you've made me sore.
Atleast I'm not dead,
though I may already be
just be glad I'm set
to face another jet
of your facial oogliness

Monday, February 25, 2013

A month of food!

Just love it.

I swear, I didn't touch it. It came like this!!

Asian chocolate.. cute but expensive.

Applebee's is now my friend!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Decorating your car

What can you do to make your car just that much more unique? To make it stand out just a little more? And at a low cost? wait for residue to build up and draw on it - well, you'd probably want some idea of what the design will be and you probably would want someone with a good hand to do it. otherwise it looks crappy.

No really, you should try it, even if you've seen it around and you think it looks dirty, just try it. Or maybe it's just for us 18 year olds with a new car and nothing better to decorate with. Oh well, enjoy!

I swear it isn't as dirty as it looks. half the streaks are from the trees behind me, and the graininess is from the flash -- it's much smoother and prettier in person

Yea... you like my car choice too, right? I was gonna get a Nissan Cube, but Kia Soul was better as a first car.


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Core Depression

Jack: I want a milkshake.
Kevin: I hate how stupid people are.
Jack: I don't like how she looks.
Kevin: did you know we're wearing potato sacks?
Jack: she's weird.
Kevin: Yea what a freak.
Jack: I embarrassed. What will people think of me?
Kevin: I don't know, but what about me?
Jack: I want to know!
Kevin: Well, she had a kid.
Jack: Let's hope she doesn't turn out as bad.
Kevin: Bet she'll live when the depression's over
Jack: Yes, I hate how gloomy it is.
Kevin: this is how I feel
Jack: Really?
Kevin: Yup. I hate life and people and myself. Why can't we be normal?

Kevin, Jack
You make yourselves miserable
If you want to be a downer,
atleast keep it to yourself.
I've had enough of this.
I've tried to help,
They've tried to help.
You won't listen,
I'm done.
Go fend for yourselves.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Message out to sea

Stranded on an island
Who with?
Who other than the greatest!
The one billionaire who can buy his way out.
But wait, who'll take your money?
What can you actually do for us?
Are you really worth a billion dollars?
How will you get a message out to see,
when you've got a million things to say
but no where to fit your words?
What's the most important word you've got to give out to the world?
Absolutely none.
All or nothing huh?

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

True love

The love triangle.

Always there.
Every time.
One after another
Others after the other
To chase love is anarchy.
Misery sprouts from lack of true passion.
True love, you say?
We're only children at play.
Who knows what love is?
Humans with the ideal life:
No other yearns for love as humans do
Accelerated Intelligence well spent.
Now the ultimate gift
has sent each of us spiraling down a bottomless pit
to dwell upon our own misery
and disappointments in finding
a life we were promised
Not a one can have another
who has in his or her heart
the love that the other desires most
The desire to acquire such love
is strong enough to stop a fully grown man
dead in his tracks and set out to wander aimlessly about.
Depression is no a sadness,
it's the hopelessness when
one discovers the reality that
we are nothing more than what others think
Nothing more than what others see.
It's our nature to be all that there is
to have the sun, moon, and stars revolve around us.
Only with a true love do we get this, but what of that?
7 billion people in the world,
and without a God to guide us,
we listlessly search for the One
The One we've only met in our fantasies.

Saturday, February 9, 2013


What an ass
Ur late
How could you make me wait
From 45 after 8
Til the end of the date?
You bastard!
Not just once,
Just just twice,
Not even a few times, but
You think you know me.
You think you're better than me.
You think you can make the rules?
You can play with me words, my world.
But look at what you've created.
I'm not that girl anymore, who carelessly laughed away her problems.
Negativity rains down upon me
Soaking my my hair my clothes
drowing out my thoughts
It floods my home my belongings my only treasures in the world.
You've turned me into this
You brought out the worst in me
And now?
Well, now I'll have my blood on your hands.
You'll live with this
and suffer as you have made me suffer.
Did you really not notice I was hurting?
Or did you just not care?
It's to late to make ammends,
For I can't trust you'll live by them.
You've had your turn,
Now here's mine.
I must wash away the Negativity
No sins, just energy
With water from the heart
That flows strong against those who fight it.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


If stratus clouds
are in the stratosphere,
and cumulus clouds
accumulate in layers,
and cirrus clouds are wispy like the haze in a circus
then what are those clouds
that are beautifully popped corn from heaven?
Scenic clouds.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

China, baby!

Taking the first step to adventure!
Recognize it? 
Many will notice a land mark...many will not
Now this is what I call a complex!
Looming above all else is a mysterious...sign

Unlocking the gates to ancientt China...
Fengxiansi Cave

 Power to the Women of 6,000 years ago!
There's always a tomb somehwere
Shaolin SHOWDOWN!! Omi trained here!
Top of the class again, I see.
The fluidity of what once was
New life growing on the backs of history
     Clever Choice
The Wind in the the mountain in the China in the
 Working smarter, not harder
 Just enjoy the ride down memory lane
Opening the doors to Culture
Tradition never grows old
Exquisite Jade
Delectable sea creatures

  Polly the Parrot is in China!

Rollin' down the street
big ol' happy family! 
Just love those three-wheelers 

Spiced up