Friday, November 30, 2012

Scarf vest

Title says it all. Take a scarf, loop it around your neck once, lay it out and belt it down. wear a tank of the same-ish color, use a pin if you want, and have fun with it.

Idea from watching manyyyy DIY clothes tutorials, lol!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Avogadro's Tomato mix

Putrid and green they say
NO! Don't!
But what do they know, eh?
NO! Please, don't.
This pile of goo would poison a whole army
if only one person ate it.
Yes, but one brave soldier.
He came to the table and took out a spoon.
Hey, we need some food some how, right?
Well here's food, and I'm starving.
One bite, and it was green eggs and ham
All over again.

Just use some italian dressing, tomato, and avacado (not avogadro, lol) and you should be set. Yes, it look like vomit, and that's part of the reason I took a picture. The other reason I took a picture was because it's just so deliciously good and healthy and strange that you have to try it.

So go try it!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Types of movies...

There are sooo many different types of horror movies you can't just say "i like horror" and be done with it. There's gruesome torture horror (like saw, Halloween, final, orphan, house on the left), alien horror, ghosts/evil horror, zombie horror, cheesy comedy horror, dark magic horror, horror in nature ( like that python movie, kujo, jaws,…), and maybe a few other horror genres I don't know yet.

How does that relate to this creativity blog? Well, the people filming it and directing it must have some creative imagination, dark, twisted, and maybe a bit sick, but still it's original....

Oh my, too much. Actually, your creative fill for today is this:
Foil Spider!!! (hint: make the legs first, then wrap it to make the body.)

Monday, November 26, 2012


Evolution comes in all sizes.  <== nobody take this quote from me, you money making commercial bastards! Unless I get a percent of your profits, then ok :)
And look at this! it's now a multitasking professional!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hair Donation

Doesn't pertain to creativity, but if you're a hair stylist, I guess this could be creative to you :) I went in to donate hair and get a pixie hair cut, and this worked out pretty well. I was freaking out before, and after, it wasn't too bad.

I hated having long hair. Ok, it did look pretty, I'll it that much. But it only looked pretty when I posed. Not when I walked to class, not when I went out, especially on a windy day, and it didn't work out when I had sports. It flattened and drooped when it got hot, and it was just straight. No texture, no anything. No, I don't use products, but hey, beauty is supposed to be natural - if you need products to beautify your self (i.e. make up, hair products, perfume, cologn, de-odo... scratch that. you need de-ordorant)

Anyway, if you need products to beautify yourself, you're hiding something and you're admitting you don't look nice naturally. But my hair. Yea, my hair never looked good outside of my room, on camera, so instead of putting up with it, I dumped it. Just like with any guy who doesn't do their part in a relationship with me. My hair didn't behave with me, so once it got too long I chopped it off. Hopefully it behaves itself with someone else.

BTW, if any of you want to give back and help out, but have no time or money, just donate hair! so fun, so quick and it's freeing to be rid of all that hair. Also try donating blood with American Red Cross. It motivates you to be healthy, and you don't need anything but healthy blood to do it :)

Proud to be a donor. Happy thanksgiving! Give thanks and give back!

Saturday, November 24, 2012


Why are you so tantilizing?
What have I ever done to you? You're just FOOD!
I'm supposed to eat you!
Other than that,
All I've ever done was praise you,
Fill you with pride.
Your juicy crunchy bites
warm and comforting.
I NEEED you!
But, I just can't.
No, I can't have you.
Not now, not anymore.

Friday, November 23, 2012

A Harry Parody

This should have happened. Who wants to re-write the script? ME!
Why was this not the title??

Monday, November 19, 2012

Mix n' Match spaghetti

Mmmm Mmmmm
Deli Deli Dish
Homefood for Homework
Mixin' mix N'
Rambling Greatness, please
There no poem for food, as you can see. There are no words for food! Food is just made. But you can be creative without words. Don't have spaghetti sauce? No tomatoes or peas and other tomatoe sauce ingredients, for those of you who make sauce rather than buy it? Well, your meal still tasts just as good with a dash of salt, a little bit o' sugar, some honey, the barbeque, and don't forget the sweet n' sour!
I'm just messing with you! You use them separately, but you can try altogether! That's what I'm doing next time.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Wavy hair without tools!

You don't need to heat damage your hair to look like you've got naturally Beautiful hair. Just add water! and 8 hours of WONDERFUL sleep.
  If you're like me, and you don't want all those machines and hair products fixing your hair just to look natural, use this tip! or maybe you already do this... Well, then, good for you!
1. Wet your hair, but have it damp, not soaking wet.
2.Then braid it. More hair per braid means more bigger looser waves. if you want tiny waves like you crimped it (is that the word? IDK these hair things), then put less hair per braid, and braid it smaller and tighter. All braids need to be tight to actuallly keep their shape, but some can be tighter than others.
3. Then sleep with it, and in the morning BAM! You'll be rocking your hair like it ain't nobody's business!

Saturday, November 17, 2012


Fall Fall,
We've all fallen down.
Down to the ground with
Leaves are red with anger in their face
and they're twirling in a storm
to fight your ice
Ice cold gusts and
Winds of sea
Let the light of Autumn
guide My way.

Friday, November 16, 2012


Once, long ago, they were such colorful little drops.
They were little beads of joy, all the colors of the rainbow.
Cherry red, sunshine yellow,
Electric blue, lively green
But now,
well hell,
The colors have faded
their joyful colors shrinking with each passing year.
They come in uniform plastic containers,
with instructions and no pictures
What happened to those playful cartoons?
the Boy popping a gumball in his face?
Why do I dread these little candies now?

BTW, this isn't supposed to be dark. just seemed the only thing that I could make out of this picture. Even with a playful twist to the tone, it would still come back to drugs.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Note Pad

Shhh, i'm thinking.
Yes, i'm writing NO! i mean thinking!
Yes, now i'm playing.
Can't you play card games and think? No?
Well, thinking comes first. Then drawing.

This is left over scraps from a foam board project. I used toothpicks to make them stand up, and added the stickie notes ontop as a little stickie note holder decoration. Have fun with this and DON'T go crazy and stab yourself with the toothpicks!

Oh, if only this were lifesize. My childhood would've been soo much more fun with a giant pad of paper and cards to match! Anyway...

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sock Wraps


Hong hong hong hong
hong mao hong mao,
ni shuo sum ma?
Panda bear likes you!
Hong hong hong hong
hong mao hong mao,
ni shuo sum ma?
I want you to like me!
If you ever have any old girl socks, like the little kiddie ones with lace or pictures or little frog heads on the sides, and you want to keep the pretty picture without keeping the dirty sock, this is the craft for you! cut off the cuffs and (obviously wash it first) wrap it around something. They're socks, so they can stretch to fit most column like things. You could sow the edges and use them as wristbands too! I have anothe rpair I do that with. I have a boot jar here, but you probably could use a lamp or cup or be creative!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Cereal box Lamp


Fruity fruity
loopy loopies
the delicious carbs
fill me
Sugar packed, protein packed,
Soaked just the right amount
with a hint of creamy coolness
from fresh milk.
Cut-outs used appropriately. Obviously.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Origami Lace Hanging Decoration

Along the spirals and the walls they keep
running up along the creeks
Fly away, they say,
but do they reall fly away?
No, they are free,
but they'll always come back next year.
Well, this is actually something I did to get rid of the leftover lace cuffs. Are those things called cuffs? I really don't know and seriously don't care. I just know that I had too little of the lace left over to use, but too much to just throw away, so here it is, serving its duty as decor! I hung this up in my room, but You guys do whatever makes you happy.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Wallpaper... maybe not

Fly fly,
the butterfly flew
flies flies,
maggot stew.
Flood fled
the mummies are dead.
Fed fed,
Now we are dead.
Said said,
the butterflies and I.
What do you do with old clothes? toss them? What if they're beyond repair, beyond donatable, beyond anything, actually, but a pattern on the shirt is still intact? What if you reallllly liked that pattern and it was the highlight of the shirt and you don't want to just toss it, to be forgotten in the abyss of human waste? Ok, it's not that tradgic, lighten up! cut out the pattern, shape it up pretty and pin it, nail it, tape it, glue it to a wall or some column and make a super fancy "wall paper." I used jeans to cover the sides of my window.

Whatever you do, remember, HAVE FUN!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Origami Ceiling

Twinkly twinkle little Swans,
I know you are actually cranes,
but I wonder how you fly
Fly so high and (don't) touch the sky?
Twinkle twinkle little swans,
I see stars above your neck.
                   Well, one way I found was really helpful in cleaning up a clutter of origami was to hang it up! they're cute and calming, they add color to an otherwise blank room, and they're easy to make! String and paper, that's all this is. and pins, but you can't see those... And you don't need to have the swans if you don't want - this used to be only stars until I realized I had an over load of swans.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Lamp Additions


4 stringed braid around lamp
 laced up string from a hoodie

"Lemme do, what I want
Lace it up, baby tie it in a knot" - Hello by Karmin

Ever wonder how you can spice up your boring old lamp? Ok, maybe your lamp isn't as boring as mine, but you still want color right? Or a little pattern/texture? Don't know how to decorate that shade without something permanent? Here's your solution!

Find some string or something long. You can encircle your lamp shade like I did in the 1st picture or find a necklace or another form of attachment like my room lamp in the second picture. I used a broken flashy heart necklace. Then just start braiding, twisting, or whatever. Yea, I could've done swirls, but hahah I didn't have string enough! Have fun!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Ferrero Rocher Figures

Give me beer give me beer!
No, not the beer, give me some
Ferrero brand soda in a Rocher brand glass."
Listen to the cries of the Ghoul
When that's all well and done,
The goblin in the hood
the Ghoul with your kids,
will settle with a goblet
and rest on Halloween!

Its past halloween, I know. I missed it becuse as a commuter in college, I'm not surrounded by 50 thousand halloweeners. My world doesn't consist of halloween spirit. What I did on halloween? I was a bum avoiding my neighborhood until after 10pm. I stayed in the library with some friends and had our own fun. Not that I'm against the holiday, just too busy for it.

And don't ask how I made mr. goblin because I honestly don't know. The pop bottle, I just squished a wrapper up, and the glass in the back is two wrappers layered.

Friday, November 2, 2012

T-shirt Head band

The headband,
such a simple yet useful tool in our society.
A fashionable yet practical tool
holding hair back for years now
and for years to come.
Men or women,
in sports?
Many varieties for sale.
in fashion?
Many varieties still.
Anyway, I just wanted to share this inexpensive, fun, useful, and green way to make something beautiful. It's from strips of an old t-shirt that I didn't want and I KNOW no one would want - not even a homeless guy (or girl, whatever). Yeah, just cut up an old T-shirt and have fun with it. I actually didn't even know I was making a headband....hahaha, i was too lazy to make more braids for something bigger. Have fun!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Origami Jewelry

Why do we wish upon a star?
What makes a star any more powerful than ourselves?
Is it their innocence? Their beauty?
How about its universal wisdom?
Everynight, millions look up to them, wishing, thinking, thanking.
They spill out their hearts to the stars, because only they won't judge.
They look to the stars for help, guidance.
These tiny pieces in the mystery of life
provide a very real bit of magic
Proof of something greater.

                            Rings and Necklace
                                    Necklace                      .

I have a bunch of origami stars, two finished stacks of them, and I have no idea what to do with them except have them look pretty - that is, until now!
I don't know why I didn't think of iut before, but I was looking for a gift for a friend one day and realized she may want earrings, then I saw earring bits in Michael's and it just clicked! So here are a few creations I came out with.