Stuff I like, Stuff I want to share, and other stuff.... hey, it's a "Misc" page, so what else do you expect?

Jan 1 - There's something just so... relieving and fun about books like Across the Universe or Harry potter or other magic/futuristic/out-of-this-world adventures that so isolated from real life that you can't help getting absorbed in their life presented in the novel. the Wake trilogy and Fracture and stuff like that, yeah, it's fun to read, but it's too close to real life, too familiar to us. The plot and stuff is original and creative, but it's not adventurous. You can read oblivion road or something like that and say, "Yep, this is totally different and it focused all my energies on that" but not for those other books where it's like "cool, but I'm done with it now." Even some movies, like H2O - it's so.... I don't know adventurous I guess, that you're totally entranced by it. Harry movies... not so much.

Jan 2 - Scared of the dark because we're afraid there's something there we cannot see. Well, isn't that so true? Isn't that why we're afraid of ghosts and religious people are afraid of the wrath of their god and... how original. Everyone prays to a specific god under a specific name. Yes Christian god is Jessus... i think, but people say "God" rather than "Jessus." Why? Maybe there's some rule, but i find it just weird.

Also have you realized the most obvious solution to the zombie apocalypse? People can just drive around and have zombies chase them and eventually those zombies would run out of energy and burn out. Or go around, and, not with a gun but with an ax or machete and chop off heads. Maybe lead one or two in at a time to chop so you're not outnumbered. Go to a window and have them climb in one by one and chop them have someone in the other room to toss out chopped heads. Have someone else board up and block exits or chop or toss. And have one or two people cooking and getting food. And make sure you chop their heads and not stab because they may fall back down and you don't want to lose your sword/ax/machete/tool with the zombie's body.

Jan 11 - Who says atheists don’t believe in anything? who says you have to be of some religion or no religion? None of it is really there. However, I know every single person believes in something or else they are dead. Ever had a role model? Someone you look up to? Something you worshipped? Maybe it was a celebrity, a family member, someone in school, an item like food, or if you really wanted to, you looked to your iphone or a physical object for faith. Isn’t that all religion is? Having something to have with you in your heart and in your mind to always be with you so you’re never alone in life?  Having someone to look up to, to follow, to help in deciding what to do in a tragedy or a dilemma? Knowing someone is with you through thick and thin, something reliable? Maybe you believe in science, nature, and the elements. Religion and the things we worship are sources of comfort we seek in life. It’s something we can confide our secrets to who won’t judge. Isn’t that why we love our god? He doesn’t judge or if he does, he forgives if you learn. Same with other religions. Some without this kind of confidante keeps a diary – or maybe they keep a diary anyway just because they can. It’s just a matter of which one of these religious forms we encounter first or has the biggest impression upon us.  None are better than any other, and none are any less reliable. Without something to believe in, we get lost in life, losing ourselves, losing our way and losing ambition and life worth, spiraling down a dark abyss of depression that’ll lead us to believe in an after life, our last hope of anything worth our being on this planet.

However, it is only with our complex minds and human intelligence that we even need to believe in anything at all. Others like bears, lions, whales, plants, bugs – not one of them believe and not one of them will kill themselves and are perfectly happy if not in pain. Human beings are too smart for their own good.

Jan 25 - Anyone ever heard of free rice.com? Basically you answer questions and each correct answer will donate 10 grains. But the questions are super elementary. If giving food is so easy, why not just give it and get credit or something rather than make people taking pointless vocab tests that don't help?If I had that kind of supply or money, I'd be donating it, then asking for "enlightenment and wisdom in life." Or maybe I'll just get it publicized so it inspires others, or I'll just take my credit and go. Also, with that money to just give away, wouldn't you want to spend it to buy a life or buy friends rather than putting up a site no one's ever heard of? If it were me, I'd go buy my way to a better world, with less crimes and stopping druggies. But no one will go for that right? We're only human, and we're all dark conieving little spirits strutting around the world like it's al about us.

Jan 26 - I don't know about you, but I am just about done with so called "resources" and the organization in our society. Notice how there are more and more things to keep track of, and still more to find and use? But ever find yourself on a homepage that has information scattered to the left and right and at the bottom and even in sub-sub-links that you would never find if you didn't know where to look? What about tutoring resources? Food resources? How-to's? It's supposed to be self explanatory but no one for the life of you could ever imagine why these pages are organized so. It would be soooo much easier if we listed everything on one page, instead of having cute high-tech looking "roll over" drop down menus. If I had the simple question "What's the fastest way to get from here to there?" I'd need to look up potential bus maps and schedules to see if I missed it or not and then to compare which is closer. This is only potential stuff, but other maps may be titled totally irrelevant and contain more useful information. Then I'm late to class and it's my fault. Now tell me how they are trying to help society? Solution - put everything out in a list and lay it out like an outline. Put this as the home page or something of the campus site. Especially with calendars of events --> there should be one source that knows everything (school sponsored and organization sponsored) that's happeneding and when and where it is. People are just not sufficient, in my opinion.

Feb 18 - It's always easier to teach and coach or cheer someone up and join people rather than to do it yourself. It's easier to help someone else than to ask someone to help you. Ever notice that? So strange.... so wrong... but true.

Also.... Have you ever noticed the stupidest thing you could ever need a peanut warning for is a jar of Planters peanuts. Dry roasted or other, you've got to know those peanuts are real. Yet if you read the sides, they warn about the peanut product. I know it's law to put it on and it's no ones fault but just saying for those who have the allergy and you neeeed to read the warning on a bucket of peanuts of ANY flavor, you better study up so you can work at McDonald's.

Feb 24 - Don't nobody know what a functional family is. Sure, it's the perfect family - happiness, good relations, everyone social and NOT messed up and in perfect health and no embarrassment because you've done nothing wrong. But where have you met one? Please, every family is dysfunctional. Happy families with hidden locked up emotions, or families with secrets, or families who get along by not confronting each other at home, or the obvious dysfunctional families, where there's abuse, alcoholics, broken relations or other. Maybe this is the norm now. Maybe the functional family is now defined as a family that has a little mayhem.

Feb 27 - The worst time to have an accident - car accident - is during rush hour. Sure, you're in a rush and hey, so is everyone else. But crashing and not being safe will make you late as hell! No, really, it's the stupidest thing to do. Ironic, actually. And everyone else is gonna have to sit through the crash because they want to mock you and see the face that kept them from dinner, or a movie, or school or work, or some other priority.

The next stupidest thing is constructing on a highway in the morning or right before rush hour at night. You know  people will be speeding here and there and trying to save gas and driving this way and that. If you want to block off a whole lane or two?!  Well that's just inconsiderate. Yes, we are begging you guys to fix every road out there so that we save our tires, and yes, we're also blaming  you for wasting your time fixing almost perfect roads when there are worst roads to fix. We understand you don't want to work at night when everyone's asleep, but take one for the team, will ya? if a super busy high way needs fixing more than a quite local road, DON'T wast time and money on the quiet road and go fix the busy one! And don't fix it during the day when it's busiest, fix it when you'll disrupt the people least. It sounds all obvious, but if people were following this, then there'd be less traffic and unhappiness, now wouldn't there?

Mar 10 - Why do people insist on making themselves look as far from their natural selves as possible? Since when do asians have curly or brown hair? Since when do african americans have blond hair or bright pink lips? And since when did blondes start having black eyelashes? Or since when did a non-asian have black hair? I get if you purposefully try to be fun and dye your hair red or blue, as long as it doesn't look like a hot mess and you can safely go out in public, but using makeup or fixing your hair so that you can look pretty? Putting on heavy mascara, or longggg eyelashes, you're just lying to yourself. Only time you need heavy makeup and unatural makeup is if you're on stage or on camera, because the light will flush you out otherwise. But for casual or daily wear? Please.

Mar 14 - Praying is wishing, and wishing isn't helping. Haven't you realized it's all luck? Sure, it may be more than just 50/50 sometimes, but it's still luck. Pure natural luck that has nothing to do with anything. A higher power acting as the judge of humanity and dictating what'll happen based on how we acted? It's luck and luck and alll of it is luck. Basically, I belive that religion is based on luck and we should be believing in luck and not a God. But I guess if you really wanted to, you can still stick with your almighty. I'm just saying, I won't.

Mar 25 - Isn't it weird how dirty humans are? Even after "living" out in the mountains and having to ingest dirt and leaves and such with every meal and my water, I still thought human dirt was worse. I could stand not washing my hands, going bathroom out in the wild without washing my hands, eating without washing my hands, eating with gloves that helped my climb trees, and drinking water that had debris floating around - even after all that, I came home to a public bathroom and was scared of the floor. I don't trust dumpster dived food (this is just because I watched a tv show and I realized I wouldn't go for it). Just saying, human dirt and common place things are much worse than what nature has to offer. Maybe it's because I knew what was in the outdoors and at home and in public, I have no idea what tricks go on when I'm not looking.

Mar 30 - the worse insult is if someone tells you you're stupid. It's so simple, but think about it - if someone says you're ugly, yea it hurts, but you figure "I'll wear make up or change something if it's true. Or it's just their opinion or they're jealous or something else if it's false." if someone says you're fat, you feel bad but you can change that with excersise or maybe you're fat only because the other person is anorexic and trying make herself feel better. If someone says you're poor or they say you're obnoxious, oh well it's only in their perspective. If you use another point of view, your personality or wealth is actually really cool and great news! But if someone says you're stupid, you realize "oh shit, that means there's no credibility in what I say to them because then they won't believe me right offf the bat." Or if it's true - then "oh shit, I can't do anything because it's my brain that the problem." I'm not just talking about like oh, you don't know alot because you have limited resources, but I'm saying "stupid" as in you have a slower brain or lower brain potential and struggle to learn. Intelligence is the core of what humanity is, and it's this that makes us dominate and allows us to be able to do and be everything! Saying you have low intelligence kind of tells you you're useless.

Apr 12 - no matter how great a guy is, somewhere at the back of your mind, you're thinking, "Will it last? Is he the one? What happens when it doesn't work out?" Amd you have to wonder, what does happen if you date and realize you don't love the guy or you don't ever want to see him? Obviously the first guy you like won't be "the one" you marry and stay in love with for life. You know you have to date around, and you'll have to go through a break up eventually. So how do you deal with that? How do you go into a relationship knowing something may go wrong? Take all you got and just go for it?

May 13 - Society. It is such a fragile group. Try to change it, even with the right ideas and leadership, it may go into chaos. Everything, no matter what you say or do, it's a 50/50 shot of it going to chaos. Keep a good leader but an old one? Chaos. Tell them to do something(that protects them)? Chaos. Lie to them to shelter them from absolutely terrible truths? Chaos. Tell them this shockingly horrible truth? Chaos. Change them too follow rules of a perfect society? Chaos. Allow them to live out their lives just the same as it's always been? Chaos. Too much we don't know, mixed with the fear of the unknown, mistrust of those in positions of authority, and conflicting opinions and ideas, and you've got chaos. There's always one bad seed in the mix, whose ideas and words will tear through the entire society and break them apart like poison. Just like poison. So how do we obtain the perfect society? Change must come gradually and painstakingly carefully. Sadly, we are in the midst of change, so we will not be able to live in that perfect society. The society filled with peace, happiness, laughter, trust, and freedom.

May 24 - there's always been terrorism. It's been happening for centuries actually. People hurting others, innocent or not, to show an example or why the terrorist is right and everything else is wrong. Simply put, people have been trying to scare majorities into doing thing their own way for centuries, but it's only now given a name because it doesn't belong in this world. Maybe back, before we knew anything about running a country, before we became civilized, before we became open and accepting of gays, revealing clothes, piercings, before contrasting colors were high fashion and skimpy clothes cost a fortune. Terrorism is given this name not for the terror we expect to ensue, but for the terror we face in knowing such acts can even exist in such a developed world.

May 30 - When you don't do homework correctly, you get points off. When you clean your room incorrectly, you have to do it again. When you do a job incorrectly, you get in trouble and are just that much closer to being fired. When you swear incorrectly, you make people laugh and you still get your message across. Ex: Shit yea! Shit the hell?! Oh, you ass hat. Hell fuck no! Go fuck hell, why don't you? What what kind of hell shit is that?

July 26And the spiral of lies and secrets begins! You think you're better than all those millions of teens who hide things from their parents? Think you're the goody two shoes who can do no wrong and can tell your parents any and every thing? Well think again! Once real life hits, you start realizing parents will treat you as an adult and expect you to solve your problems. Oh sure, they'll help, of course, but they'll put the weight of responsibility on you. And you also carry that weight willingly because you want independence and you don't want others doing you favors or doing things for you. Oh the sickening process of coming of age now just physically and biologically, but also mentally and socially! And guess what? It sucks. Why can we not just press a button and say we're ready and be ready? Why does everything need to be gradually learned? It the worst idea ever and if there is a God out there doing this, it's horrible to think why he intends to. So  much for a happy carefree natural life!

Aug 30When you can't hear, you never realize how noisy air conditioners are.
When you can't smell, you never realize how fragrant a garden is.
When you can't see, you never realize how beautiful a painting can be.
All you know is from what others tell you. They say people pay attention when you clink a glass at a party, you just go with it. They say a chemistry lab smells awful, you go with it. They say a misty rainbow is a magical sight, you simply go with it.

Over years and years of collecting these hints of what the world is like, you learn to go with it. You know colors are pretty when combined in the right way. You know nature smells refreshing after a rain has passed. You know cats meow. But what you don't know is what that means. What does meow sound like? What does fresh rain smell like? What do colors really look like?

Some may say it's a blessing. You know, you won't be distracted by the slightest sound down the hall. Walking into bathrooms and farms don't bother you. Standing on a sky deck won't scare you silly at the mere height.

But you'd give it up to be able to try it, just once, to see what all the hype is about. You don't care if all you get is the sound of a frog. You don't care if they only give you a single rose to smell. You don't care if you saw the god-awful picture your friend drew.

You just want a taste of it.

Sept. 6 - So apparently, Harry Potter has the worst childhood in all human and non human species' history and he turned out ok. Neglect, bullies, constant fighting and near death experiences, as well as having to keep up in school and quidditch and being pursued by a Hitler with magic tricks up his sleeves. Though half the time it was the support of friends helping him through it all, he lived and didn't go bonkers. If he can do that, why can't kids nowadays make it through average childhoods without turning into serial killers?

Sept 18 - Who knew the secret behind playing a trombone was physics? Knowing a closed ended tube and its wavelengths and how air molecules are shifted. It only took me a whole lot of zilch to figure that out. Maybe if I'd paid attention in grade school I would've figured that out with flute, and been better at the tuba and maybe even tried goin' all out with playing multiple instruments! Anyway, the only thing I want to play is a guitar. Ever feel like that's you? Cuz I do.

Sept 30 - Like they all say - love makes you crazy, silly, and a total fool. Everything you do seems stupid and you're embarrassed everything you do is pushing away your love interest. Nothing makes sense anymore and you don't know when something is right or wrong or too much or too little. It's only after it's over you realize what you've done. Why would they like you, you wonder. Why do you like them? It's the looks that attracts attention, but it's the heart, mind and soul that keeps them near by.

Oct 23 - As scared as guys are to ask the girl out or to make the first move, Girls are even more so. They fret and fret over what guys think and feel. They are not being over dramatic when they depict these girly girls in teen films - that is what she thinks and feels about him, whether she expresses this out loud or not. She is ALWAYS wondering what he thinks. Little advice for guys - don't keep her waiting and take her hints! They may be little hints, because what girl wants to seem like that crazy desperate head-over-heels loudmouth being all too obvious about how she feels?

Oct 23 - I bet if people answered honestly and without peer/social pressure, they'd say they only wash their hands after using a bathroom because people will judge you if you don't. But honestly, it's not neccessary. I barely wash my hands before meals, after bathroom business, and playing outside and all sorts of dirt and grim, Yet, I'm been sick less than a majority of people who are germaphobes and maintain super healthy lifestyles. Back in caveman times, did they wash their hands? Did they survive? Yes. They didn't live long because they didn't know diseases when they saw one and didn't know how to prevent it. Plus they had sporadic and unprotected sex. But they didn't have short lives due to not washing their hands. Same goes for showers. People shower daily, and some twice a day (morning and night), but is it neccessary? Showering is a must, don't get me wrong. However, it's not a top priority. If you feel clean, you are clean. That's been my motto for 100% of my 19 year old life. Shower only when you get physically dirty, you have icky stuff or your skin is sticky from dried sweat and grime. And of course if you have blood from wounds or other people's blood on you, yes, go shower and take care of all that. But there's absolutely no need for a daily shower. There's also no need for hand washing after bathrooming and before meals. This is just a little advice from someone who's lived her whole life not being able to smell, so I never knew when to shower and so I didn't shower and voila! I'm happy and healthy and never cared for hygiene. 

Oct 27 - Boy talk!!
So why is it that guys are "supposed" to ask the girl out? Why do guys have the burden of making the first move? Simple. Girls in general have comparatively low self esteem and if we were rejected, its harder for a girl to move on. Aside from that, women also have the burden of giving birth when the relationship does work out. And even further in addition, if the guy makes the first move, it shows character and will make us love you more. However, making the first move does not mean you guys should keep chasing after a girl if she gives repeated signs and blatantly tells you no, there ain't no chemistry between you two.

Guys, the best advice I can give you is in the song "That's how you know." Please don't be leaving her hanging or she'll think you're uninterested.

Nov 23that's the most any girl could hope for - that you get out before it ever starts. You don't want to start something just to get your heart broken. It would only ever be worth it if going through a million heart breaks means a true love that will stay forever through whatever. But it's the hoping against hope for that one in a million chance that kills every time. It's not knowing if you'll find the one. It's not knowing if the heart breaks are worth it. It's finding the courage to move on past each and every heart break, changing for the better and not for the worse.

Mar 7The last straw - laxatives in diner food because admins don't trust their food to not poison students? DOTs' unsympathetic, unfeeling, cold shoulder of a review board on ticketing students? Tuition fees that don't even pay for things I normally use? Dining plans that pay for half cooked food and lies? No thank you. The people may sometimes be nice if you confront them about the problems, and they'll say they'll look into it or talk to someone (LATER!) , but behind the scenes, they be cynical leaders with conspiracy against hardworking students just trying to get a life. 

Mar 8 - If you have ever taken Chinese writing and/or speaking, you know all the teachers are the same. Strict with pinyin, accents, stroke order, stroke length/shape. Don't get me wrong. I know if you mis pronounce or write so sloppily that the meaning of a word changes, then yea, maybe you should work on fixing that. But the level of scrutiny Chinese Language teachers have on students? Neccessary? I think not. Lets take a look at a comparably competitive language. English. Yes, some sentences you do need to speak with certain tones or a question may sound like a sentence, or a word might sound kinda alien or, like in Chinese, the word may be so mispronounced it sounds like a different word completely. But English teachers? They only correct if you mispronounce it sooo bad that it needs to be corrected. Chinese teachers correct every detail. So much so that it's discouraging. You never feel like you're good enough or you know enough given the time you spend on learning, and it's not as satisfactory as learning english. The english language only has 26 letters. Chinese? Over two THOUSAND characters, and their alphabet is the radical on the top bottom, front or back of a character. You recognize a few, but then there are wayy more than 26. Aside from radicals that give meaning to words, there are the phonetic parts of a chinese character. There is no listed amount of all the phonetic characters because there are so many. Now you see how a little 5 year old may feel just a bit overwhelmed trying to learn Chinese compared to a 5 year old trying to learn English? And how about stroke order? This is another part of chinese, and and if you don't write it correctly every line in order, then you've "got really poor penmanship" <-- roughly translated from my cantonese. In english, if you  wrote the word, then added the prefix, then added the ending, teachers would think it's cute, funny, but they can't say you did it wrong or poorly, just that you took the tedious unnatural path to writing out a word. You can even write a word, look at it, add a letter here, a letter there, and boom! You've got a perfectly spelled word and, poets and writers are none the wiser. 

Growing up in a Chinese family in America, now do you see how english would seem more appealing? 

Apr 6you do realize everyone in the world needs someone to hate? Someone or something they can just dislike with all their heart and blame for everything and say and/or do with it what they want without a care in the world for the consequences. Everyone needs this Thing, this target, be it a corporation, a cause, or something else. We all need this to channel out our negative feelings. Sure you may be positive and bubbly and optimistic. But you cannot deny and just move on past all your negative emotions, emotions you can't control, frustrations with work, school, life, and the world and anything that just doesn't go your way.

Apr 7If your a serial killer, or some other kind of murderer, a student is the worst target for you. These students nowadays, they are stressed and frustrated with life, socially,  financially, romantically, academically. Half of them are just praying for an easy way out. Some way that isn't their fault( so suicide is out of the question) and someway that doesn't hurt(so no torture). But an unexpected quick blow to the head or a quick execution? They'll be grateful. Now that 2.70 GPA looks like the GPA of a genius. Having zero friends is the new definition of cool and popular. And being in debt? Well now they don't have to worry about that, do they? But if you tried mugging a student or something non life threatening but just as bad, just ask yourself - why? Why add onto their plate? It would've been better to just kill them. You mug them, your mistake are now their responsibility. You kill them, they are freed of years of stress and worry.

And don't even start with theft. it's the WORSE crime to commit on a student. WORSE than murder, freak accident, or a kidnapping: stealing a computer. it's not the money they want back. it's not the computer. it's the information. It's all those notes they wrote telling themselves not to forget something, or the papers they spent all night working on, or all the resources they have saved for their research paper due next week.  When you steal their bike, you didn't steal their savings. you stole their key to timeliness. not only will they be late to class now and miss the chapter in the first 5-110 minutes of lecture, but they'll miss all that transportation time from biking that they used to catch breaks, eat, and attempt at a semi-normal lifestyle. when you steal a phone, it's not the information and texts and pictures. it's the contacts for employers, advisers, and other important people. Sometimes, it IS the pictures you stole. The pictures of notes they didn't get to copy down, the pictures of answers to sample questions for tomorrow's exam. The recording of lectures they didn't take notes in. No, if you steal from a student, you did worse than kill them. Atleast with murder, they don't have the responsibility of explaining to professors why they can't turn in their 10 page paper, why they need a make up exam later, why they didn't understand something that was explained at length on the blackboard. Don't students have enough to worry about? Not only are they worried they may not have a future and not only do they have to hold the burden and guilt of leeching away their parents' money and time until they get some sort of job, and not only are they way too stressed out to care for personal hygiene, but they'll be way too stressed and caught in between, in a purgatory of their own personal hell. if you mug them who do you think won't give a crap about you trying to steal that $500 they don't have? Exactly, the student you mugged. And who'll not understand you when you try to say they're lying and beat the hell out of them anyway? Exactly. So whatever you do, leave students alone. They ain't got nothing for you and they aren't worth the time and effort of theft.
Speaking of crime, who decided rape was a good idea? If you rape someone, atleast figure out if they gay or straight. How awkward would it be if a straight guy raped a lesbian girl? Or a gay guy raped a straight guy? Half way through the rape, wouldn't that thought pass through your head and you'd think "well, if i have sex with someone of a different sexual orientation than me, does that mean I'm now gay or straight? Or an inbetweener? Actually, if you rape anyone, it makes you a heartless rapist.

Apr 7 - don't you ever feel like your upper level bio professors just make up enzymes in lecture and use the excuse "you won't need to know that enzyme, so all you need to know is that it happens and it exists" ? bet this is a cover up for whenever there's some process they don't quite know about and/or understand.

obviously I'm way too skeptical about life, but blame school. After all, they were the ones who told us, question everything until you really understand it. ask questions beyond the scope of the class, think about the real world application, be scientist!

well, imma do just that.

Apr 8when someone is superior to us in some way, we expect them to know everything, to do everything, just because they are ahead and we think they can. we harp on their superiority and test their limits. But when we find ourselves in the superior position, we diss all our responsibilities, we complain and moan and forget these expectations people have for us. why? We see ourselves as always beneath someone else, someone is always better, either in talent, intelligence, character, or something else. We never truly see ourselves as superior. If you do feel superior and feel those expectations are true and you CAN do everything without flaw, then you are cocky.

Apr 13 - If vegans, get to vegan food labels, nut allergy people get their allergy labels, and dieters get their "fat free" or "gluten free" labels, why don't spice-sensitive people get spicy or mildly spicy labels? And by mildly spicy, I mean like curry flavored spicy, not "hot, extrmely hot, or oriental spicy levels".

Apr 19I don't know what my future looks like, and it scares the hell out of me. And when I think about why I even do anything? Where I'm going? What I've done? How I act? It's all too grim. I keep busy so my mind cannot veer too far from this creek I've created for myself. 

May 2where some may say they're a night person, and others say they're a morning person, I say I'm a night AND morning person. I'm just not a day person. During they day is when I lack focus, and fall asleep and forget everything people say/tell me (aka, lectures are useless lest I record them or force myself to to take notes.)

May 3 - you'll never get anywhere by tiptoeing around. You confront issues, head-on. And if you step on a few toes, so be it. Toes are on the ground and bound to be stepped on. But you can't tiptoe around issues. We NEED to get past the past. Get over what happened and DO something about it. TALK about it. And if the only way I can talk about it is by joking about it, then LET me. Atleast I'm taking a stand and letting people know how I feel about the issue. "If I'm flying solo, atleast I'm flying free." Free of the weight of suppressing my opinions and free to speak my mind. And don't you dare bring religion and god to the discussion table. How are we to argue with that? If we honestly say that nope, no god has anything to do with that, then you'll be offended and instead of tacking the issue, we're going to be tackling each other. If I agree and tell you ok, your god is true and let's discuss with Him/Her in the picture, then I'm not being entirely truthful, now am I? So maybe I compare the stress of school to the cruel duress of humanity represented in the Holocaust Museum. Am I wrong to say they are both long, enduring, and miserable? And that there is a high power pressuring humans in both situations? And am I wrong to say both the museum and college receive many visitors come to share the in awe the lives represented by both? Colleges get kids coming on field trips, and the Holocaust museum gets visitors in field trips and from all over the world as well, come to think of it. Is there not some truth in this? And who am I attacking in talking about the event? I'm not offending Jews for saying I'm happy about them dying and suffering until death. I'm comparing the elements of both situations. And for god sake, I'm comparing school to the holocaust MUSEUM! Not the specific ethnic groups. I comparing the fact that in both, outsiders come to see the face of these lives, and the outsiders don't truly know the misery behind those lives they see. want to see the post I'm talking about?

"kids take FIELD TRIPS to college, but why? if they knew this is the source of our misery, where youths are force to sleep 3 hours a day and study 24-7, and go bankrupt while buying financially unsound meal plans, they would not be so excited to come here. But then I guess it's the same as people taking trips over to the Holocaust museum, staring in wonder, reading in awe, and imagining the unimaginable horrors of human mass suffering."

Aug 1 - Maybe I don't get it. I don't see a problem with making jokes about death or dying or dead people. Forget that it's insensitive, sure, but the jokes themselves are funny, true, and tells you much more about the dead, humanity, and people than mourning would ever be able to do. If we can't make jokes about it, how do we embrace it and welcome death when it's our turn?

Aug 15 - The second law of Thermodynamics applied to society: No matter what utopia we imagine, no matter the perfect flawless peaceful calamity we achieve,no matter how many of our desires are satisfied in a society, there will always be disorder. A system, like a society, can do nothing to decrease disorder. 

Aug 22When you realize your parents are just people too. And doctors once struggled and complained miserably about school, and all athletes were half dead during their first practice, you also realize you are just as capable as any of them.

If at first you don't succeed, you can't do anything but try again. No one is good at first, and those who are have luck or are one in a million. We cannot all be that one in a million so we might as well be ourselves and work hard for what we want. You may think you're running oh so terribly slow in the gym, but you're running nonetheless. And it's much more than you could've done sitting watching TV and draining your brains.

Sept 21 - I recently saw a news report on a missing college student and the vigil they held for her. Well, I say, why have a vigil? It's not like she's already dead and her spirit will see it and feel honored that people care. And if she's not dead, how the fuck is a vigil going to help? Just spread awareness, post her picture, and hope you're not next. Either do something about it or stop acting like you care. Of all those who went to the vigil, how many are close enough to her that they truly felt the need to take time out of their day to think about her when every other day they barely noticed her? The same goes for that "moment of silence" public schools force kids to take every year for 9/11. How the fuck is that going to help? Either spend your time being productive doing something to prevent it, or spend your time doing something to solve a more prominent problem in the world. Moments and vigils all serve the same purpose - to give a thought to someone who wasn't thought of enough and went missing or died. Well, if you care enough about the person, you'd give your own time to think about the person, and not have to physically show everyone you thought about the missing person. It the same idea as the "do good when no one's looking" versus "do good only when people look." The latter (aka the vigil and the moment of silence) is for shallow people who don't truly care. The former (aka thinking about the person in your own time in private or with a loved one) is for people who truly care and whose thoughts actually count for something.

Oct 11do you ever feel, like the dead are screaming at you for overlooking the obvious? For naively believing the bad guy? They're watching us, helplessly un-involved, filled with suspense. Just as we watch a movie, screaming at characters not to do something stupid and obviously wrong, but we are helpless to events that will unravel before us, we are filled with suspense at what will happen, half hoping the protagonist wins, and half knowing it's physically impossible for him/her to win lest there's a plot twist.

Nov 6First let's ask, where did religion come from? What is Religion? Religion is a handbook. It gives you a set of rules, rights and wrongs, and someone you can look up to for guidance. You know what this all sounds like? An excuse. The set of rules, rights and wrongs are called morals. These morals came from us, humans, who grow up and learn that there are certain things that one should NOT do or things one SHOULD do to uphold fairness, justice, and create a sense of order in the world. Having someone to look up to? This is called a role model. Someone to teach you what's right, what's wrong, someone who always does good and what's right and whose behaviors will exemplify what you yourself should do should you encounter a new and strange situation. Done. Religion is an excuse to shield yourself, something to hide behind. Everyone knows, if your argument is religion, no one can touch you because religion is a sensitive topic and it's easy to cross lines that cannot be uncrossed. Religion is an excuse to give up. You believe your deity will take care of you, will guide you, show you the answers, so you wait for them or you say you're happy having nothing but religion in your life. 

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