Sunday, March 31, 2013


All the fears and worries behind her.
She's in control now, and she won't back down.
They overwhelm her,
But step by step, she pulls through.
Her Future.
The Anxiety.
They stay with her.
But she welcomes them
With an open mind and free heart.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Seasons' Ore

Summers come
Summers go
When will we see
The winter snow?
Spring's here,
Blossom and blow.
Rain and dew
Trickling slow.
Now for Fall
With that fiery glow.
Sun and shine
They softly flow
They all will go.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dark truths

Wwhy is it
that only in
our darkest hours
the darkest of times
those dark ages that
we see clearest?
We see the world
in a whole new light
we see the sky as anything but bright
we see past the fascades and roles in society
and see a completely true,
but unreal reality?
The reality that dawns upon us
when in those moments
truth is everything irrational,
and everything rational is a lie.
We do not trust
we no longer believe.
We discover
A whole new world
without you.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Vegan Valentine

You know why you should never feed animals human meat? Because it's inhumane? Yeahhh, but no. Because it's wick and totally uncivil? Yeahhh but no. Why? Because. One never forgets the taste of human fleshhh!!

See the way to go is turn naturally carnivorous animals and omnivorous creatures into purely vegetarian species. No a one would feed on another and not a one would eat/recycle dead meat. Is that the goal here? To have too much flesh and meat strewn around because we dislike the idea? Of potentially crazy situations? Well, not with some control.
Valentines day
Passed and gone away.
You know what would've made her day?
Or make things go their way?
Well, obviously,
A bouquet!

I know this is wayy past due, but hey, just htought of it, so chill. enjoy the plant.

Thursday, March 14, 2013


My god!
I'm so lost!
I don't know!!
Oh... this is bad.
Shit, I shouldn't be like this,
What do I do?
See, this is how you know
Someone's going crazy.
This is a sign of depression
Of deteriorating mental health
and 500 other things that are wrong with me

I can't decide.
I can't be happy for me.
I can't make best friends.
I can't maintain relations?
I can't be friendly with people and stay that way?
Oh NO!
I'm gonna be a sociopath!
Watch, you just wait and see!
Oh.. GOD! WHY?!?! how did I get this way?
I'm desperate, I'm needy, I'm always unsatisfied.
I don't have permanent goals and no true wishes for myself.
This is the result of lost ambition.
This is lost spirit.
I want to be free and artsy but I don't want to live that way.
I'm aquiring OCD, ADHA, dyslexia, asthma, and I already can't smell.
I'm becoming less social, I retreat online more and more...
This is bad.
This is reallly bad.
If I were my own therapist,
I'd know what to do with me.
I'd know what to say.
But me?
I can't follow those instructions!
I can't brainwash myself!!
I need to just chill.
Just chill. Now. Good. That's better, right?
No. Fuck off.

Maybe I'm already battling depression.
Undiagnosed, yet forever present.
I'm in denial and yet I'm confronting it..
sort of.
Well, now i can add bipolar to my list of oddities.
This is why I need someone to talk to.
No, not just about stuff, but someone
I can trust to help me make decisions.
No, not someone who asks leading questions and guide
Me over to my own decision - I need someone to be my brain.
No, I need a pensieve.
Atleast dumbledore's got it right.

A way out

Or at least as exact as random events would be. Even vultures would do good to eat their own blood. The zombies have it right - no one would ever bother you if you’ve got the guts to eat blood, fearless to walk through any obstacle and allow others to hurt you without the slightest hint of pain in your face. You will struggle until the end, until you’ve reached your goal and even then you’ll go for more. You’ll go above what’s expected and surprise all who question your abilities. Vultures? Now they’re almost there. But then again, what good are vultures? They urinate as they like. But who can blame them? They’re are birds of the wild. Death circling the world and eyeing its next prey. They stare down a weak one. They wait, looming over it. As the last ounce of energy leaves the body, it becomes a free for all. Perhaps these vultures know it bettter than us. Why kill our food and have blood on our hands when we can wait for them to die? If we waited, we would be recycling for the earth rather than threatening the world when we eat. Vultures. They’re smart too. They know not to eat live prey. Prey with spirits and energies flowing through their veins. That stuff is toxic to the mind and body. It will poison you, and suck your souls from the hearts of all who ingest them. One body only has room for one living spirit. Adding another’s so directly in consumption would mean to overwhelm the natural capacity for energy. We say all this cannot be true. We say “Science!” It shall prevail, solve every riddle and allow us to do as we wish. But it cannot explain everything. It is wrong in every aspect of itself. Science. It does not know about the energy of a body. It has yet to discover the true meaning of life. We are primitive in our exploration and perhaps never will find the answer to why live at alll. Silence the science that has blinded our view of the world. We have such great potential without relying on silly studies like science and math. There are things more important and greater than this. Things.

Perphars there is a way out...

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Forget and forget

I knew it.
i knew i'd forget all of it.
the bio, the physics, the details, the big picture
This always happens, and I always say I will review
Lightly over breaks but does that happen?
Not a bit. Yes,
I had time,
Plenty of it too.
Time to sleep,
time to watch TV,
time even to be bored and pee.
But now, I only know bits and pieces
And I don't trust anything that isn't exactly
As I remember it,
And I'm doing even worse than I did before.
Now I've got mixed info in my head
and I don't know what to think.
Sure I was confused
learning the material before.
Sure I mixed one formula with another or
One process with another, but now?
I mixed EVERYTHING up!
It's all scrambled eggs and green ham!
Forget those green eggs, no, I've got green meat now.
It's a mess, I'm a mess!
Why do I do this?
Now I'm stressed over the knowledge I miss

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


When you realize your wishes will never come true

When you start to see what a failure you've turned out to be

When the person you need most is not there

What do you do? How do you move on?

What do you do,

When you realize the problem isn't them,

The problem is

What REMEDY could possibly

Erase your new awareness of the

Ultimate truth.


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Paper cuties!

This must be the cutest thing ever

Props to whoever thought of this
Another hanging decor`

Paper Notepads DIY: Make Yourself || KIN DIY

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