Friday, August 16, 2013

Flaunt my Fortune

Nice pictures, but why?
What's so different between you an me?
Are you richer? Buy nicer clothes?
Do you have better taste?
Maybe you look prettier than me.
Or is it because I play sports and get more scarred and bulky?
Perhaps it's simply because you're naturally elegant and femine.

What does that make me?
Where does that put me?
No no no no no no...
Let me straighten this out for you.

I'm not poorer,
I do not have poorer taste in fashion.
I'm as beautiful as you,
and I'm not flawed and or clumsy.

The only difference between you and me?

I don't flaunt my fortune.

I don't wear make-up to cove up.
Jewelry to me is not just to look pretty.
My taste is no better nor worse than yours
And I'm just as beautiful as anyone else out there.

The only reason I look average compared to you?
I don't flaunt my fortune.

Sure, you may wear that T-shirt - 
  once a week.
Maybe to show people you're down to earth and average like us -
  but you're not.
You may joke with us, hang out with all social groups, befriend even the most unpopular kid in town -
  just for appearances

In the end, you're as fake as Paris. Or even __.

You will never be like me.

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