Friday, December 6, 2013


She treasured her heart
They lived life together happily.
One day a boy with dark hair and a smile came along.
She felt her heart leap. It asked
"Please, please? Could we meet?"
Before she could answer, the boy had stolen her heart.
But as time went on, she realized she had given away her heart a long time ago.
To the boy with the dark hair and beautiful smile
She looked back in time. Those were happy days.
The more time her heart spent with the boy, the more he came to know it. He knew it all, its deepest secrets and fears.
And he started toying with her heart.
He had hung her heart out to dry,
Put it out on a line and left it alone.
And the girl came and saved her heart.
She took her heart back, protected it from dangers like this boy.
Locking it away in her closet, no one could ever touch her heart even if they tried.
Then she met a man. He taught her to put her heart out on a table. Let it face the world.
Her heart warmed up to the sunlight it hadn't seen for years. And her heart fell for one last love. A true love that taught her heart to fly.

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