Thursday, November 6, 2014

Religion's birth

Look up into the sky.
It's gray.
Blue grey clouds massed over us.
But look,
One spot with no clouds.
There's color!
Golden and blue,
Like the delightful beauty these clouds wish to hide us from.
It seems...
It seems as if...
As if there's another...
World beyond those clouds!
A world hidden in the sky,
unreachable from Earthe.
Only in death, when we are free from the binds of being mortal,
Only then can we fly up, reach that world, and discover the endless beauty.

And that, my friend, is how religion and god was born.

The desire to explore this seemingly endlessly beautiful world,
the reality that we cannot yet reach that world,
And the morals we wish to instill upon others around us
all came together to form what has truly taken a life of its own
and shall have a death of its own:
Religion. Deities. A reason to life, the meaning of life.

Before we got smart and
Studied why things are what they seem and
How things work.
Religion will come to a
Screeching halt one day and
All believers will die of regret and shame.

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