Monday, April 15, 2013

Fresh Out

She's lost
fresh out of high school and lost
Good intentions,
Mediocre grades
Enormous effort
She asks, "How?"
No plans no goals.
No inkling of a future
Always needing otherrs,
Always wanting to be needed
Broken trust in the world.
Too careful with life and still
No signs of light
Loves what she can't have.
Art, music,
Writing and talent.
Books, movies, stories of it all.
She wants what she doesn't have.
Pity upon herself,
Praying she can be like others.
Wanting to tell others
"I can't."
Wishing for a life to come by.
She askes one thing
"Help me."
But they can't can they?
Ultimately, it's all down to her
the job, the work, the classes
All her.

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