Friday, April 5, 2013

How Easy...

Frightening really.
Death? No, not quite.
Being bludgeoned to death?
Not that either,
Though that is intimidating.
The scariest thing?
How easy it is to hurt someone.
Some thing.
How fragile the world around us
Really is.
How simple thoughts
lead to actions that
Can ultimately destroy others.
If I drove off a cliff,
Who's really going to stop me?
If I wanted to slit someone's throat,
how would they know to avoid me?
If I wanted to trash a room,
What's preventing me from doing so?
Nothing. No one.
Not a thing in the world can stop us if we are alone.
When no one's watching.
When no one knows.
Nothing can stop us.
No one can stop me.
If I had a curious idea to cut off a finger,
Who's to stop me from doing so?

Our mind is a wondrous and amazing thing.
Not just in the intelligence
And potential it holds,
But also for all the dark and malicious thoughts
That form every so often.
We may not always act on them,
But the ideas are there.
It takes so
Much effort just to hold
Back the urge to fulfill our curiosities.
Animal instincts.
We have them sure.
But we got so much more.
Animals act on survival and luxury.
Maybe once or twice discovery
Of something curious
But never an idea that hurts for the fun of it.
Nothing psychotic.
Psychosis? That's only for the human brain.
There's no cure, despite how much
We may try to deceive ourselves.

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