Saturday, June 8, 2013


Ever thought about a birthday? Just the concept. We throw parties every year celebrating an individual who was born that same day X number of years ago. But exactly what does this do? Sure you celebrate achievements but can't you celebrate achievements as they come and go so you remember them as you're celebrating?

If you lead a dull average life, with whimsical ups and downs, what achievements exactly are you celebrating? Another year you haven't gone off the deep end? Another year you countdown till your death day? Another year you grow older and have supposedly gathered more potential? I understand if you celebrate birthdays when you're a baby because it's more for the parents than it is for the kid. Parents celebrate each anniversary of them having you in their lives, they're super excited, and they just want an excuse to celebrate and let out their joy. But teens? They celebrate just to have a party and have fun, when really, they shouldn't need a reason just to hang out with friends and a dozen others they don't know. Young adults? I suppose for a 21st B-day when they're legal drinkers, but other than that, it's just partying to party. Adults? They celebrate just because its "what you're supposed to do." Seniors? They celebrate because its another year they haven't dropped dead and its another year they managed to stretch our their fragile life and delayed an imminently grim future.

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