Saturday, June 8, 2013

Praying for a tragedy

She watches,
She waits.
She longs and
She dreams.

Everyday everywhere, fantasies arise
Just out of the blue. Completely irrational yet
Vigilant visions.
Ideas and dreams spun out before her eyes
Crossing a street?
Or will this be the day she becomes that tragic pedestrian
hit by a bus and killed or at the very least permanently damaged?
Going to night class?
Will this be one of those reenacted encounters
on TV
about the average girl
hopelessly mugged? Killed? Raped?
Stuck in traffic.
This must be the part where a plane crash lands before her eyes!

She's just praying for a tragedy.
To make her feel
Because right now she just felt pain.
Scorching depression jeering at her.
Senseless suspicions growing against friends and family.
They may be senseless, yet when seen in another light...
She was living in a lifeless shell of a life.
There was potential
Oh sure there was definitely potential
And a future
But what of it? It was all material and fun, but she needed life!
Something to live for.
Something to define her individuality.
She was waiting on a crisis to ensue for her to prove herself worthy
To prove her life worthy.

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