Saturday, August 16, 2014


What a word for all there is.
The sweet Earth and minerals,
The clever creatures living within
those powerful churning rivers.
Talks of a great energy above us, around us
With us from birth to death.
The energies following us, watching us,
Protecting us from the worst
or hurting us for the better
Mighty beings we don’t see,
Mysteries yet to be found for another thousand years,
And another and another.
Secrets within we didn't even know we don't.
What a word encompassing us.
The amazement all around,
The experiences we all feel,
The impossible ventures we all take.
So full and filled,
So independent and free.
Blue crystal oceans,
Deep enough for swimming stars to find a home.
Beautiful floating lights deep beneath us.
Such a simple word,

to compliment the death that awaits us all.

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