Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Lone Beauty

Fathoms around,
Nowhere to turn
But yes! There was a way. To turn around.
Towards another abyss…
Not unpleasant, though some say.
Not unlikely to come
This way, I mean.
The loneliness befriends those who are willing.
It’s always been a part of me
No, apart from me.
He never stays for long.

I fade away,
Door to door.
They see me sometimes.
Don’t bother
No use finding me.
I hear them.
A young girl, elegant blue green dress
The colors once vibrant with life,
Now lost to the aging time.
Her skins fair with innocence,
Her hair free like
Like newly spun silk waving in airs of Earth.
I hear them.

They don’t say much
Because they don’t know much.
I wish I could say.
Wish I could tell.
No. Yell.
I wish I could yell.
It’s lonely here.

I turn around,

And greet a new Emptiness.

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