Sunday, March 10, 2013

Forget and forget

I knew it.
i knew i'd forget all of it.
the bio, the physics, the details, the big picture
This always happens, and I always say I will review
Lightly over breaks but does that happen?
Not a bit. Yes,
I had time,
Plenty of it too.
Time to sleep,
time to watch TV,
time even to be bored and pee.
But now, I only know bits and pieces
And I don't trust anything that isn't exactly
As I remember it,
And I'm doing even worse than I did before.
Now I've got mixed info in my head
and I don't know what to think.
Sure I was confused
learning the material before.
Sure I mixed one formula with another or
One process with another, but now?
I mixed EVERYTHING up!
It's all scrambled eggs and green ham!
Forget those green eggs, no, I've got green meat now.
It's a mess, I'm a mess!
Why do I do this?
Now I'm stressed over the knowledge I miss

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