Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Vegan Valentine

You know why you should never feed animals human meat? Because it's inhumane? Yeahhh, but no. Because it's wick and totally uncivil? Yeahhh but no. Why? Because. One never forgets the taste of human fleshhh!!

See the way to go is turn naturally carnivorous animals and omnivorous creatures into purely vegetarian species. No a one would feed on another and not a one would eat/recycle dead meat. Is that the goal here? To have too much flesh and meat strewn around because we dislike the idea? Of potentially crazy situations? Well, not with some control.
Valentines day
Passed and gone away.
You know what would've made her day?
Or make things go their way?
Well, obviously,
A bouquet!

I know this is wayy past due, but hey, just htought of it, so chill. enjoy the plant.

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