Tuesday, May 28, 2013


The poisons
They seeps through the halls
taking the weak down the dozen
Just watch.
I do.
I see them fall prey to it.
They're changing.
It ay not be over night, but
You see it.
I see it.
Boys acting tough,
Girls acting sexy and appealing
Everyone thinking they're so much better than everyone else,
And those who realize they aren't, they fall.
Deep into the Abyss of a spiraling confusion.
Transparent intentions, amature motives, completely cliche.
Who am I?
What am I doing? What's right?
You know you should do something.
You see the answer flashing in the back,
trying to find its way out.
But amiss all the jealousy, hatred,
Judgement, desire,
despairing, and vanity.
High School.
Caging in hundreds of arrogant irritant adolescents to spend 7 hours together in.
Humanity at its worst.
Blind innocent hatred in middle school that grows
and devours a child's soul.
Even those in denial soon realise
The embarrassing lives they led.

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