Tuesday, May 21, 2013

baby maybe

Baby maybe ill be safe in your heart
Baby don't you ever take me apart
But I know
I learned
Someday you'll just fly away
But Baby maybe he wont leave me afraid
So I say
I know I was wrong
I know in my heart so long
I knew it from the moment I saw you fading away
Baby maybe it was fun
But you never ever
You never ever gave me a chance
You wanted me perfect
But I can't play my life away
I knew it
I knew it
Baby maybe he wont cry for his way
Baby maybe he'll accommodate today
Baby maybe
Baby maybe he wants to stay
But I know
If it was you
You'd never
Never have it that way
You'd toss it out
Wring me out
Throw it all away
Take me apart and tear me to pieces
Then you'd leave my broken heart

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