Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Nighty night

The night was young. Her heart was pounding. There was no reason to be scared...

But she was.

Lani... she heard a voice cry. Lani, help me. Please.

She didn't know the voice. It sounded like a child. She looked around for him, but saw nothing. Heard nothing more. She cuddled closer to the wall next to her bed, trying to blend in. Her blanket rose up and she closed her eyes.

And hour or so passed by and she was starting to doubt she ever heard anything. It was silent and she was drifting off to sleep.

Where is he?? a new voice said in her ear. She froze. This was a shrill mother's voice, though she didn't sound like someone she'd want as her mother. The boy was in trouble, Lani knew, but how could she help? This was a brand new house, and no one should've even had a chance to die in it. Instinctively, she turned her head to make sure nothing was there to make noise. Nothing was there but an empty wall. Girl, you tell me where my boy is.

The voice was starting to change, starting off as the mother and melting into a hushing whisper, but it wasn't getting quieter. In fact, after the words were said, it was just a rumble of indistinct whisper, like an ocean at night, getiting louder and louder.

Lani was done. She couldn't take this. She screamed, but nothing came out. She couldn't think to try speaking and only wanted to scream to make it all go away, but no sound came out. her mouth stretched into a silent scream filled with a terror that matched her eyes.

Now I don't remember what happened to her after that. No one would tell me. But I do visit her every night. She looks familiar, like someone I know well. Maybe I used to be friends with her. And her name has a familiar ring to it. I'm not sure. But I do recognize her clothes from the other night. She was wearing one of my favorite T-shirts and pajama pants. She's changed though. Now she wears a formal dress and is always sleeping. I wish I could talk to her. I want to know what happened that night I saw her screaming. I want to know why she was so familiar.

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