Monday, January 27, 2014


this hell hole I call life?
These things we call people?
Why do we live with them?
Why is it so hard?
Do they know me?
I know them.
I know them too well.

mistake after mistake, and all in vain
Ignorance aplenty and ruling the world.
Anger, anguish, I've gone insane.
Careless wreckless,
completely insensitive.
No light, No breath.
I want to cry out, but
They've taken my voice.
I've got a life,
I've got a say,
I just want to go away.
Nowhere to go,
How can I run?
I'd live in a zombie apocalypse
if that's what you want.
Just leave me alone,
and mind where you can.
Frustration tingling through me veins,
I want to explode, but I can't.
Why? Why?

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