Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My ember Heart

I felt its hands
clingy stringy
Faint wisps pulling at it.
My heart
My heart slowly rose
Up, up
As it emerged
I felt just how warm it was.
The glowing ember within me
Red. Yellow.
Bright against the grey.
Warmth now leaving quickly,
Stolen by a worthy opponent,
silently and harshly,
by the biting stings of
a winter wrongly borrowed from a land upwards of Mongolia
Anguish and frustration cannot alone burn through
The unfeeling cold quietly shrieks
In and upon me
Not a bone in my concealed body could escape.
I offer, at last,
My truest treasure.
A key.
Simple and vintage in its creation
Yet young and joyous at its core
The key to all I love
My heart.
With the sacrifice, I take one last look all around
Rattling branches quickly calm
Silent peace rushes to blanket these lands
And my body
It thaws with a passion I no longer possessed
Before my eyes laid at rest
Never to return to the life I knew
I thought I saw a faint glow in the horizon
A light glow
Radiant slivers
Peeking against the sky
But no, it wasn't possible. I'd never seen its existence,
just heard the stories from travelers' passing
To and from strange legendary lands.

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