Monday, January 27, 2014


When did we stop believing?
Fairy tales and dreams come true.
Sure they take time, but hope and possibility was on the horizon!
You know it's there, we all saw it then.
When did we lose sight of it?
Maybe when we heard our first no?
When our elders told us other wise?
That one was for you, from me.
I know.
Atleast for me,
I know when I started to lose sight.
When too many promises were broken,
Never repaired.
Comforting words of assurance.
Someone who would be there
To count on.
One too many promises.
When I started to see it all.
When I called and called
But found I didn't know who they are
When I finally learned,
I could only count on myself.
Me, fretting over timeliness.
Me, keeping up my promises.
Me, careful to keep them comfortable.
But me, who didn't get it back.
me, Who kept giving and giving,
till I went broke.
No money in the world could resolve
no comfort to turn to.
Just me, alone and empty.
Watch me Fall.

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