Saturday, February 9, 2013


What an ass
Ur late
How could you make me wait
From 45 after 8
Til the end of the date?
You bastard!
Not just once,
Just just twice,
Not even a few times, but
You think you know me.
You think you're better than me.
You think you can make the rules?
You can play with me words, my world.
But look at what you've created.
I'm not that girl anymore, who carelessly laughed away her problems.
Negativity rains down upon me
Soaking my my hair my clothes
drowing out my thoughts
It floods my home my belongings my only treasures in the world.
You've turned me into this
You brought out the worst in me
And now?
Well, now I'll have my blood on your hands.
You'll live with this
and suffer as you have made me suffer.
Did you really not notice I was hurting?
Or did you just not care?
It's to late to make ammends,
For I can't trust you'll live by them.
You've had your turn,
Now here's mine.
I must wash away the Negativity
No sins, just energy
With water from the heart
That flows strong against those who fight it.

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