Tuesday, February 12, 2013

True love

The love triangle.

Always there.
Every time.
One after another
Others after the other
To chase love is anarchy.
Misery sprouts from lack of true passion.
True love, you say?
We're only children at play.
Who knows what love is?
Humans with the ideal life:
No other yearns for love as humans do
Accelerated Intelligence well spent.
Now the ultimate gift
has sent each of us spiraling down a bottomless pit
to dwell upon our own misery
and disappointments in finding
a life we were promised
Not a one can have another
who has in his or her heart
the love that the other desires most
The desire to acquire such love
is strong enough to stop a fully grown man
dead in his tracks and set out to wander aimlessly about.
Depression is no a sadness,
it's the hopelessness when
one discovers the reality that
we are nothing more than what others think
Nothing more than what others see.
It's our nature to be all that there is
to have the sun, moon, and stars revolve around us.
Only with a true love do we get this, but what of that?
7 billion people in the world,
and without a God to guide us,
we listlessly search for the One
The One we've only met in our fantasies.

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