Saturday, February 2, 2013

China, baby!

Taking the first step to adventure!
Recognize it? 
Many will notice a land mark...many will not
Now this is what I call a complex!
Looming above all else is a mysterious...sign

Unlocking the gates to ancientt China...
Fengxiansi Cave

 Power to the Women of 6,000 years ago!
There's always a tomb somehwere
Shaolin SHOWDOWN!! Omi trained here!
Top of the class again, I see.
The fluidity of what once was
New life growing on the backs of history
     Clever Choice
The Wind in the the mountain in the China in the
 Working smarter, not harder
 Just enjoy the ride down memory lane
Opening the doors to Culture
Tradition never grows old
Exquisite Jade
Delectable sea creatures

  Polly the Parrot is in China!

Rollin' down the street
big ol' happy family! 
Just love those three-wheelers 

Spiced up

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