Saturday, February 23, 2013

Decorating your car

What can you do to make your car just that much more unique? To make it stand out just a little more? And at a low cost? wait for residue to build up and draw on it - well, you'd probably want some idea of what the design will be and you probably would want someone with a good hand to do it. otherwise it looks crappy.

No really, you should try it, even if you've seen it around and you think it looks dirty, just try it. Or maybe it's just for us 18 year olds with a new car and nothing better to decorate with. Oh well, enjoy!

I swear it isn't as dirty as it looks. half the streaks are from the trees behind me, and the graininess is from the flash -- it's much smoother and prettier in person

Yea... you like my car choice too, right? I was gonna get a Nissan Cube, but Kia Soul was better as a first car.


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