Monday, May 26, 2014

Cute diy CD card

So you have a CD. Not just any nice clean CD. Its used and cant be over written or edited. It one of those CDs. Yea. So what do? What do? Well, let me tell you what do for YOU!

Take the CD, some colored poster paper or thick paper, and tape! Or Glue. Or anything to connect the two. Now you have a 3D card just like those in stores. Plus this ones shiny and special effecty, just like in stores! So why give these power hungry stores money for their special paper when you can get the same thing for less than free?

Honestly, this was less than free for me. I used free paint samples, a sample CD of a college acapella group, and markers. It was fun to spend my break on, and I got a happy friend in the end! So it cost me none, but I got fun ( and friends, thats important too)!

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