Saturday, May 3, 2014

The past is in the past.

You'll never get anywhere by tiptoeing around. You confront issues, head-on. And if you step on a few toes, so be it. Toes are on the ground and bound to be stepped on. But you can't tiptoe around issues. We NEED to get past the past. Get over what happened and DO something about it. TALK about it. And if the only way I can talk about it is by joking about it, then LET me. Atleast I'm taking a stand and letting people know how I feel about the issue. "If I'm flying solo, atleast I'm flying free." Free of the weight of suppressing my opinions and free to speak my mind. And don't you dare bring religion and god to the discussion table. How are we to argue with that? If we honestly say that nope, no god has anything to do with that, then you'll be offended and instead of tacking the issue, we're going to be tackling each other. If I agree and tell you ok, your god is true and let's discuss with Him/Her in the picture, then I'm not being entirely truthful, now am I? So maybe I compare the stress of school to the cruel duress of humanity represented in the Holocaust Museum. Am I wrong to say they are both long, enduring, and miserable? And that there is a high power pressuring humans in both situations? And am I wrong to say both the museum and college receive many visitors come to share the in awe the lives represented by both? Colleges get kids coming on field trips, and the Holocaust museum gets visitors in field trips and from all over the world as well, come to think of it. Is there not some truth in this? And who am I attacking in talking about the event? I'm not offending Jews for saying I'm happy about them dying and suffering until death. I'm comparing the elements of both situations. And for god sake, I'm comparing school to the holocaust MUSEUM! Not the specific ethnic groups. I comparing the fact that in both, outsiders come to see the face of these lives, and the outsiders don't truly know the misery behind those lives they see. If Jews are offended I'm comparing this, shouldn't I be offended people nonchalantly talk and joke about concubines? they were sex slaves. But I've heard jokes of "they're the bottom bitch" "Oh, yea, they were porcupines bred in China" "They're just royal sex slaves, women for the king's enjoyment."

I'm Chinese and a woman. Am I offended? No. Honestly? This is true, and the play on words is clever, and when you get right on down to it, this is the essence of a concubine. But it was in the past, and whether it was 3 years ago or 3,000 years ago, it is still the past. It's time to move on. 

Want to see the post I was talking about?

"kids take FIELD TRIPS to college, but why? if they knew this is the source of our misery, where youths are force to sleep 3 hours a day and study 24-7, and go bankrupt while buying financially unsound meal plans, they would not be so excited to come here. But then I guess it's the same as people taking trips over to the Holocaust museum, staring in wonder, reading in awe, and imagining the unimaginable horrors of human mass suffering."

the one difference is that the college thing is light stress, and the Holocaust was a crime. But I never said mentioned in the post that the Holocaust was enjoyable for visitors. It may be interpreted from the comparison, but was not at all mentioned nor intended.

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