Friday, May 16, 2014

Dancing Through Life

The trouble with languages is
They're always so many diffreneces
Believe me, i've given up on enough of them to know
They all have their own rules, theyre own grammar
But i say
Why abide trying
Stop speaking so broken
And learn to live a monolingual life...
Dancing through life
Word after word and grammars too
Lifes more painless,
For the gainless
Stuffing our brains
Ever so endless

Dancing through life
Wish i could ace it
Trying to slough it off as you do
Nothing matters but knowing nothing matters
They're languages, so keep trying too
You're dancing through life,
skimming and cheating,
Slacking off and just having fun
Never trying, giving up on
anything that gets confusing.

I always know and have learnt more than i recall.
Come on give me a break.
They keep harping on me,
just trust me

Parody of Dancing through life...  I don't have a singing voice, so I'm not going to try and hurt your ears.

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