Saturday, January 26, 2013

Few years back..Europe!

Hampton Ct. Another palace. You can tell they're rich.

Jewels! He better be pampering his wife just as much!

Another day in the city

They get fancy statues while we chunky busts of humans

 On Guard! 
 Parlez Vous Francais?
Reminiscent trademark of glory

 Gateway to a luxurious haven
 the Arch
Exotic foods only the best can enjoy.
Why can't we all live like this? Humble and simple. In Switzerland.
1000 fountains of clean water. Just because they can.
Neighborhood Serenity, maybe?
Where statues and centerpieces/decorations are natural and green.

We made it.

Fountain of Youth does exist!

"Tale as old as time, True as it can be..."

Candy Mountain
Bridges, Blue water blue sky, what more could I ask?
Alleyways are quiet and welcoming. In Germany.
Cuckoo Clocks and handmade masterpieces, devoted craftsmanship
Dish of tradition.
Sturdy. Simple. Beautiful. Practical. In Netherlands.

A fairytale dream come true. In Belgium.
This is the city of love, not Paris.

Timeless pieces of true lace, untainted by exploited machinery.

Delightful chocolates Just for you.

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