Sunday, November 4, 2012

Lamp Additions


4 stringed braid around lamp
 laced up string from a hoodie

"Lemme do, what I want
Lace it up, baby tie it in a knot" - Hello by Karmin

Ever wonder how you can spice up your boring old lamp? Ok, maybe your lamp isn't as boring as mine, but you still want color right? Or a little pattern/texture? Don't know how to decorate that shade without something permanent? Here's your solution!

Find some string or something long. You can encircle your lamp shade like I did in the 1st picture or find a necklace or another form of attachment like my room lamp in the second picture. I used a broken flashy heart necklace. Then just start braiding, twisting, or whatever. Yea, I could've done swirls, but hahah I didn't have string enough! Have fun!

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