Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Avogadro's Tomato mix

Putrid and green they say
NO! Don't!
But what do they know, eh?
NO! Please, don't.
This pile of goo would poison a whole army
if only one person ate it.
Yes, but one brave soldier.
He came to the table and took out a spoon.
Hey, we need some food some how, right?
Well here's food, and I'm starving.
One bite, and it was green eggs and ham
All over again.

Just use some italian dressing, tomato, and avacado (not avogadro, lol) and you should be set. Yes, it look like vomit, and that's part of the reason I took a picture. The other reason I took a picture was because it's just so deliciously good and healthy and strange that you have to try it.

So go try it!

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