Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hair Donation

Doesn't pertain to creativity, but if you're a hair stylist, I guess this could be creative to you :) I went in to donate hair and get a pixie hair cut, and this worked out pretty well. I was freaking out before, and after, it wasn't too bad.

I hated having long hair. Ok, it did look pretty, I'll it that much. But it only looked pretty when I posed. Not when I walked to class, not when I went out, especially on a windy day, and it didn't work out when I had sports. It flattened and drooped when it got hot, and it was just straight. No texture, no anything. No, I don't use products, but hey, beauty is supposed to be natural - if you need products to beautify your self (i.e. make up, hair products, perfume, cologn, de-odo... scratch that. you need de-ordorant)

Anyway, if you need products to beautify yourself, you're hiding something and you're admitting you don't look nice naturally. But my hair. Yea, my hair never looked good outside of my room, on camera, so instead of putting up with it, I dumped it. Just like with any guy who doesn't do their part in a relationship with me. My hair didn't behave with me, so once it got too long I chopped it off. Hopefully it behaves itself with someone else.

BTW, if any of you want to give back and help out, but have no time or money, just donate hair! so fun, so quick and it's freeing to be rid of all that hair. Also try donating blood with American Red Cross. It motivates you to be healthy, and you don't need anything but healthy blood to do it :)

Proud to be a donor. Happy thanksgiving! Give thanks and give back!


  1. Donating your hair for the needy people and the cancer patients is really an excellent job..