Monday, November 19, 2012

Mix n' Match spaghetti

Mmmm Mmmmm
Deli Deli Dish
Homefood for Homework
Mixin' mix N'
Rambling Greatness, please
There no poem for food, as you can see. There are no words for food! Food is just made. But you can be creative without words. Don't have spaghetti sauce? No tomatoes or peas and other tomatoe sauce ingredients, for those of you who make sauce rather than buy it? Well, your meal still tasts just as good with a dash of salt, a little bit o' sugar, some honey, the barbeque, and don't forget the sweet n' sour!
I'm just messing with you! You use them separately, but you can try altogether! That's what I'm doing next time.

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