Saturday, November 3, 2012

Ferrero Rocher Figures

Give me beer give me beer!
No, not the beer, give me some
Ferrero brand soda in a Rocher brand glass."
Listen to the cries of the Ghoul
When that's all well and done,
The goblin in the hood
the Ghoul with your kids,
will settle with a goblet
and rest on Halloween!

Its past halloween, I know. I missed it becuse as a commuter in college, I'm not surrounded by 50 thousand halloweeners. My world doesn't consist of halloween spirit. What I did on halloween? I was a bum avoiding my neighborhood until after 10pm. I stayed in the library with some friends and had our own fun. Not that I'm against the holiday, just too busy for it.

And don't ask how I made mr. goblin because I honestly don't know. The pop bottle, I just squished a wrapper up, and the glass in the back is two wrappers layered.

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