Tuesday, December 11, 2012


As promised, here are movies!

Oh where do I begin? There are sooo many good movies!

1. Nightmare before Christmas (The movie is made of little clay figures and it's musical and the pictures are pretty and it combines the two BEST holidays!)

2. The Orphanage (creepy in the ghostly way and not in the stalker-rapist way.Original, makes you think, and any ghost movie involving children usually is good. Or reallllly old ghosts and old places with history and such is usually good. If you know any other movies like this, please comment below! I'd super appreciate it!)

3. 27 dresses (Cute little love story and Katherine Heigl is in this movie!!)

4. Kate and Leopold (awwwww the guy is so sweet, the girl is so relatable, and the whole thing is just romantic!)

5. Silent Hill (Horror movie, very original, based off of a game but still original for a movie,

6. The Ward (great twist in the end, and very intriguing up until the end is revealed. One or two gory scenes, but they don't even show it. Or atleast I didn't watch those. If I can take it, I'm sure you can too :)

7. Uninvited (like Ward but with better fashion and I love the girl's hair. And it's not quite as violent. This one's more suspense.)

8. My cousin Vinny (hilarious and clever lawyer)

9. Chicago (high energy dances and music and I love their costumes. Wish I was back in the 20's so I can wear that fashion)

10 Tangled or Princess and the frog (Cute, lovely, funny, and colorful family film but sooo much better than those 90s family movies.)

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