Saturday, December 1, 2012

Poem: Suicide debate

To die or Not to die,
what a conundrum we have in life.
The spirits speak strongly to us, but
we do not listen
what is it?
don’t you hear them calling? The wind
It whispers, asking for your life.

It tells you your time has come, but no.
Not yet!
Not yet?

you think you have more to do on Earth,
like a family to keep happy
a community to give back to
a life to fulfill
Your soulful duty has been served.
Selfish deeds do not make for a great entry into the after life.

I was writing a title for my eng101 paper (no kidding, really?) and I couldn't think. Ok, given, it is 4:19a.m. and I've been awake since 9a.m. the day before, so I shouldn't have this energy or even be able to think. However, somehow my eyes are not burning, and my muscles are still awake. My body tells me it's bed time when my eyes burn or when my muscles are just tired. Not sore or anything, but just tired. Tonight, they're just cold, but not much else. So it's a wonder I came up with anything at all! Ok, so my head is starting to spin now, so I'll sleep. But I just wanted to share this once in a life time chance of my actually working and being wide awake up until late. Or early since it's a.m. now.

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