Thursday, December 13, 2012

Something's up with Jack Skelly!

Jack, are you there?
what's that in the air?
Little white flakes of mystery?
Well, that's just silly.
They're delicate drops of joy!
frozen bits of holiday spirit
that can cheer up a little girl or boy.
Holiday spirit,
Something I know you have!
But I'm sorry you've discovered this so late,
Christmas is a wonderful time to make
these little things called cookies, you see?
They can look like you or me,
but you can eat them.
Please don't attempt
to fight it,
I just have to eat you now.
It'll all be over before you know it.
These are not mine, but they're soooo darn cute! Jack Skelly cookies!
All recipe and cookie creds to Cindy Littlefield!
Poem is (of course) mine :)

Hope this brightens up your holidays!
And if you're a college kid like me, this is your yummy study break!

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