Monday, December 3, 2012

Save wrappers, Make an Ad!

Hey, what up Croutlet Viewers? Oooh, doesn't that sound like it could be some mini store in a mall? Can't wait! Anyway, forget that, I'm here to talk about free (non-retail) crafts. So today, I decided to actually do something with the 98236563467 wrappers I saved up. I mean, who doesn't save candy wrappers? They're shiny, colorful, small and lightweight, easy and cheap to collect! Hahaha yea, so I did a photoshoot with them. Wanna bet I can make these into pro advertisements? Just a bit of touch up, brighter background, some tech savviness, and I'll be good to go!

 You'd buy these right?

Aww, aren't they just CUTEEEE? 

 Oh god - SWEET TOOTH!

Mmm, delish!

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