Monday, December 10, 2012

Some fun reads,

Now you may be thinking - what the hell does this have to do with being creative....blah blah blah little crafts and my original work or others' works that I like and OH etc.. right? Well, technically, Books and movies are forms of art too, with writing and filming from imagination! So here are some of my faves that I'd recommend:

1. Oblivion Road (girl and I think a friend gets trapped in the middle of a snowed in short cut or local route or something...point it she and friends don't get to go home. They scavenge around for stuff, I think a guy needs to stop his bleeding by patting snow on the wound and there's some crazed murder-rapist out in the woods. I think halfway through she finds her dad, but I don't know...But the twist in the end is really good and it's an adventure story, which I know you all like, right?

2. So you want to be a wizard (harry potter in America. I think they're in NYC or some city, and it's soooooo much better than Harry potter. Or atleast I had more fun reading this than reading Harry, though Harry's pretty good too - pretty good looking! ;P

3. Poison Ink -(um...i read this awhile back... but let's try this anyway. A tatooist has evil ink which if he uses to tatoo you, the design grows and spreads and poisons your mind to act like a devil. being evil for the sake of making others miserable. The friends notice and go after yea, stuff happens)

4. Fracture ( Engaging. Lots of romance. The guy is so cute! But the plot is really intriguing and adds a hint of mystery and fantasy. Idk, I liked it.)

5.Christopher pike books like Die softly and Remember me and Neal shusterman stuff like Unwind....

I know these are all young adult and stuff, but they're pretty fun. Unless you're grown up, reading the adult fiction with wayyyyy more graphic stuff, then ok, this may be too childish for you. But these are pretty good for almost anyone.

Tomorrow I'll tell you some movies, since this is realllly long already.

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