Sunday, January 13, 2013


Battling Dyslexia,
Conquering his Deepest fears,
Fighting for his Dream life as King of the sea.
Ignoring Distractions and temptations,
He fought for all he was.
Alas, it wasn't enough.
Rejected again and again,
He settled for the Army.
There he stayed until money was enough to get back.
But he couldn't.
Everything he ever did was not enough.
It was hard to go back, you know, after all these years.
50 years passed.
This was what the American dream meant.
No white house.
No neat little fence others politely strayed away from.
No perfect wife or family.
No laughing chldren bouncing off the walls.
Just a life of fighting
For what was and never will be.
A life enslaved to the American leader they call President.

This isn't Honor.
It's torture of the soul.

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