Saturday, January 5, 2013

Dead to Me

What makes you think you can replay all my mistakes over and over again?
remind me endlessly of all my mistakes until they are all that I am?
Until I don't even remember all that I have done well
What makes you so much better than me that
gives you the right to disparage me?
Better yet, tell me,
Why do you do it?
why don't you show your true self to the public?
Is it because deep down you know it's wrong?
Because you know you have more to hide if our places were reversed?
Would you be smiling and gay as a gal
if you were reminded of your mistakes?
Forced to remember them to be all that you were?
Take it day after day until your entire being is
a mistake.

You can't deny it, you can't remember
the good times you had
And the good old days are tainted
by your new shameful perspective on
your pathetic life.

think about it...
Bullying --
bullying is just someone saying you're stupid and leaving you alone.
Abuse ---
abuse is this.
Endless attack on the mind and soul
ravaged until nothing is left but shame and regret
but all for what?

Think you're better than me?
Prove it. Don't dwell on it.
You'll only become a sore winner, sore loser,
and an _______

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