Tuesday, January 1, 2013


A deserted island
with nothing but strangers
All around
the Magic of nature.
Tempted by curiosity and hunger,
Limited by sense and logic.
Lost at sea,
but not lost at heart
So much out there
If only we didn't question it.
If Darwinism didn't spoil
every natural substance in the world,
We would know peace and love as
it Was.

Me and my limited computer/programing/photo editing/tech skills. Anyhow, I'm totally in LOVEE with this show, along with H2O:Just add water. Why are all the good shows done and in the past? Why are the only good shows now being cancelled? Terra Nova? Chloe King? The River? Well, as long as they don't cancel Once upon a time and Grimm. The only shows they ever have are things like "revenge" or "Late nite with Jimmy.." or "Up all night" or some lame adult comedy that's also trying to be pg-13 but failing miserably at everything. Everyone needs a little magic and mystery in their lives :) Enjoy! Happy holidays!

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