Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Homemade whiteboard

Samsung sgh-f210

Thank goddddd they don't make these anymore.
You need to manually change volume, it sometimes swivels open in your purse or backpack without you touching it, it has an earphone plug specifically for their kind of earphones, and they're hard to type with. It's not HARD to learn it's settings and functions, but it's just not the typical kind of settings others use so it's different and takes some getting used to. I need a new phone and anyone who wants to can help me :) You can't change the ring volume without manually going into the menu to change it.

Now for your daily fill of FUN creativity!!!

This is a white board :) not technically but it's sooo much cheaper and works just the same.

A paper protector and a piece of paper

Much cheaper and much more fun to use and more light-weight than a store bought board :)

Unless you already have a whiteboard or you trust others over yourself, then you can ignore this post :)

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